Bread Crumbs

Dear Reader, Bread Crumbs is a book of 48 sonnets and other short poems dedicated to my ardency for the human condition.  You can find it on Amazon, or contact me for a limited-edition leather-bound copy made by me.


Dear Reader

I would really like to touch you

With one of my stories. Maybe love,

Maybe tragedy, beauty, magic, lust;

Laugh as I reveal my fables and foibles.

You might recognize yourself, a stranger

In my anonymous portraits,

Maybe discover your wife, sister,

Or girlfriend in a Dionysian ode

And wish that my pen’s restraint

Was more vital than these poems, but

Whether you wish to buy or bury,

Plagiarize or burn my book,

Shun, cheer, coldcock, or kiss me

I would be happy to have touched you.