Bowen Nance Swersey was born in Philadelphia in 1966.  He graduated from Mountain Lakes HS in New Jersey, and attended Colgate University, from which he holds a BA in English Literature and Asian Studies.  Bowen’s early studies were nourished by travels, including a year in India, two years in Western Europe, trips to Finland, Thailand, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Jamaica, West Africa, and all over the U.S.  Bowen speaks Spanish, French, and German.  Bowen has led his own rock band, Maine’s The Beatroots (1993-2001), performing over 100 concerts per year.  He has written and published two books of poetry, Bread Crumbs (2006), and Naked (2008).  Both these books were presented first as a limited edition of 100 leather bound handmade books, then digitally on Amazon.  In 2009, he released The Statue of Poseidon and Other Cursed Treasures on Amazon.

Over the years, Bowen has also worked as a cook, carpenter, horticulturist, folk dance instructor, and stone mason.  He designed and built his own house in SW Harbor, Maine, where he lives with his wife Christine, dog Charlie, and two cats.  Bowen has one son, Jonah, who attended the Technical University of Munich before starting a career at Hekuma. His hobbies besides writing include scrabble, bocce, boating and hiking, mushroom gathering, brewing kombucha, and the pursuit of the perfect soufflé.  It is his hope that his writing career will eclipse his masonry career before his back gives out, but at age 49 he is still going strong!