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Welcome to insert foot, a new blog spot about live music, venues, and other lively happenings on Mount Desert Island.  Between 1994 and 2001, Bowen Swersey played over 500 shows with his band The Beatroots.  Now he turns his half-deaf ears and withering gaze to the local music scene, to review, support, and also sting, as only a gadfly can.  It is his hope to smite with inflatable toy swords, dealing praise, clarity, and slapstick to those courageous enough to stand before the microphone.


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  1. Mary Swersey

    Hey, sounds like a good new venue. When will you be playing there? Maybe a sign to be polite to singers and musicians would be a good addition to the front of Coda? Nicely written review and included lots of info.

  2. Bowen Swersey

    Many Thanks to Russ Cox for the great Insert Foot logo! See more about Russ and his books and work at


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